Practical Information

Each module starts at 8:30 AM on Thursday and ends after lunch on Sunday. Meals and lodging on the premises.

Halfway through the morning and afternoon classes, there will be a short break when everyone can have coffee, tea, juices and snacks.

The number of participants is limited: The selection of candidates shall be based on their aspiration letters.


1st Module:  19/22 September 2019 (Germany)
2nd module21/24 November 2019 (France)
3rd module: 16/19 January 2020 (France)
4th module: 19/22 March 2020 (Germany)
5th module: 21/24 May 2020 (Germany)

Places:  – E.I.A.B. Schaumburgweg 3, D-51545 Waldbröl Germany  /  Monastère de la Source Guérissante  – 77510  Verdelot France

Course:  600 Euros / Module

Lodging with meals and breakfast: 64 Euros/day (double room)

Organization of work during the training sessions

The participants will be guided from the Yin and Yang basis.

– The Yin/Yang imbalance being the cause of the majority of diseases, the restoration of the balance of the Yin/Yang energy will result in clear and rapid improvements for the patients. This evolution of Yin/Yang energy shall be distinctly visible and perceptible by experienced therapists.

– The participants shall learn the simplified techniques of pulse diagnosis in Oriental medicine. Mastering pulse diagnosis allows one to see the initial Yin/Yang energy imbalance and reveals in detail the organs affected by illnesses, the upset energy meridians, along with the related physical and psychological symptoms.

– From this observation, the therapist can look into a logical treatment with great chances of a rapid success through acupuncture and herbal medicine.

– On the spot treatments shall enable participants to feel the pulse with the simplified method and to observe rapid and surprising results of this method regarding insomnia, articular pains, sciatica, migraine, stress, etc…

– Each teaching module shall include Qi Gong sessions, which shall be an opportunity for the participants to improve their personal health and directly observe the energy in their own bodies.

– We shall also learn the art of calming down our thoughts and our minds. Sitting or walking meditation sessions shall help us to come back to a clear mind and a serene heart. From this, we shall discover the harmony between us and the Universe and approach the gateway to Oriental Wisdom: the “Tao”. This wisdom can lead the therapist to a Yin/Yang harmony in all domains, enabling him/her to seek perfection in his/her art.