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It is a great pleasure to be able to realize Thich Nhât Hanh’s profound desire for a place where the Dharma can be offered through specific teachings, various themes and their related practices. The Hai Thuong Oriental Medicine School thus completes the EIAB program.


Can one efficiently treat the various types of FLU through acupuncture ?

Personal accounts by students, practitioners and patients

Find personal accounts by practitioners and patients.

Cycle of perfecting in Oriental Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

This continuous education course is intended for medical doctors and confirmed acupuncture therapists wishing to:

1) Discover a form of acupuncture with a very precise Yin/Yang application which leads to often immediate improvements, even in very serious cases.

2) Acquire the basics of the Yin/Yang balance restoration method, as well as of its implementation in the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.
This method wonderfully complements the treatments offered by classical Western medicine and greatly enhances their results.

The course is organized in the form of six modules per year, each of which of about 12 hours, on weekends. These modules will comprise theory, clinical applications, simplified pulse diagnosis, questions and answers sessions, on the spot treatment, as well as times for relaxation (Qigong and meditation).



Do Trong Le

- médecin oriental, responsable de la formation