Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine from the Hai-Thuong School

I have been practicing oriental medicine since 1969 in Saigon (Vietnam) and from the very beginning of my practice, the teachings of Hâi Thuong Lê Hû’u Trac 海上黎有琢(a Vietnamese medical practitioner 1720-1791) have greatly influenced me. His methods were very simple and strictly based on the Yin/Yang balance of each individual.

At the end of 1979, I left Vietnam as one of the “boat-people” and eventually came to France. Since then, I have been practicing oriental medicine in the Rhône-Alpes region. Inspired by Hai-Thuong’s methods, I developed this medicine with great passion and in my daily work and have often attained very positive results, even in serious cases. Through these methods, one can really understand the energy network and the Yin/Yang balance in the human body.

I treat patients according to their general energy situation. Sino-Vietnamese pulse diagnosis (pulsology) enables me to evaluate the condition of the body as a whole, to detect possible deficiencies in Yin, Yang or in both Yin and Yang, to consider the functions which may be blocked or hindered, as well as the meridians related to these dysfunctions.

Through the seasonal reduction points, tonification points and other specific points, one can correct the observed disorders at the level of the functions and in the related meridians. Also, the application of the key-points of the extraordinary meridians allows for the restoration of the global order and balance in the whole body. The patient feels better, the energy flows and the physical or psychological symptoms are alleviated.

One must observe that the global restoration of the Yin/Yang balance in the human body is the essential purpose of this medicine’s treatments; it is the way leading to recovery. A healthy person has well balanced Yin/Yang. In ancient books, it is called “Âm Du’o’ng Hoà Binh( 陰陽和平)”, “Thuỷ Hoà Ký Tế ( 水火既濟)”.

For the past thirty years, I have been applying this method to treat all kinds of illnesses. Acupuncture proves to be a clear, precise and logical science with often immediate results, and the evolution of the Yin/Yang balance in the body is clearly visible and significant.

To treat more severe illnesses, such as cancer or inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid polyarthritis, fibromyalgia, neuro-degenerative diseases (where the reserve energy is greatly reduced), it is necessary to associate herbal medicine to acupuncture. Mainly through the association of their complementary qualities (the immediate effects of acupuncture with the prolonged effects of herbal medicine), I have been able to observe the effects of the Yin/Yang evolution on tumours, the nervous system, as well as on the internal organs, muscles, tendons and even cells. This knowledge has enabled me to draw successively three main therapeutic methods.

1/ When a benign or malignant tumour appears in any part of the human body, one can observe that the energy flow in this part of the body is blocked or stagnating and that the general state of the person is altered. To solve this problem, one must restore the general Yin/Yang balance of the person and energetically clear the local blocking(s). The energy thus flowing freely again through the body contributes to the resorption of the tumour(s). This method has allowed me to treat efficiently several forms of cancer.

2/ A pain becoming installed in the body in a particular place is a sign that the energy flow in this area is not functioning correctly. With the techniques for restoring the general balance in the body, associated with seasonal reduction or tonification points for the concerned organs and meridians, one can correct this temporary disorder and, quite rapidly, the pain will disappear. On this base, one can observe good results in the treatment of migraines or severe pains such as those due to rheumatoid polyarthritis and fibromyalgia. From the point of view of energy, patients suffering from these two diseases are basically lacking simultaneously Yin and Yang. The exact term for this in oriental medicine is “Hu’ hân”, which means ‘insufficiency in organic liquid, blood and heat’. To treat these, in parallel to a general Yin/Yang regulation (according to the state of the patient), it is important to reinforce the ‘Yin kidney and Yang kidney’; indeed, these act as the ‘human body’s central heating system’. As soon as these two energetic functions have been restored and then the global Yin/Yang balance recovered, the patient can enjoy a comfortable feeling of warmth in the entire body and a great improvement in the muscular and articular pains. All these effects are obtained without having recourse to the symptomatic acupuncture points. The person then feels relaxed, less tired and would easily sleep.

3/ Through the restoration of the global Yin/Yang balance in the body, in association with a specific treatment of the ‘Jenn Mo’ (Ren Mai) and ‘Tou Mo’ (Du Mai) meridians, one can reinforce the vitality of the spinal cord and the brain. A proper energy flow within these two areas contributes to the good blood irrigation, rich in oxygen; clinical applications of this have already given good results in certain cases of Parkinson’s disease, of multiple sclerosis, as well as in cases of important memory loss. This practise has also proven its efficiency in cases of severe vertigo and loss of balance.

With the support and encouragement of my master Thich Nhat Hanh, I have undertaken to create this school aiming to preserve and continue the values of this Sino-Vietnamese medicine and to insure its transmission to therapists of the younger generations.

I particularly want to thank my long-time French friends G. Cheynet, M.O. Sordet, Y. Cretin, V. Cheynet-Cluzel for their support in my research on Sino-Vietnamese medicine.


      Do Trong Le.


*Yin and Yang transformation therapy in cancer patients (Trong Le Do, Hélène Momer, Marie-Françoise Belin, Françoise Argoul / Chinese Medicine Times – September 2012 /online magazine)




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