January 2014

Dear Colleagues, dear friends

I would like to introduce to you a new method to efficiently treat the various types of flu through acupuncture. This method is the fruit of our research over the past thirty  years in Oriental medicine.

In my consultations, I encounter a great number of cases and types of flu, especially over the winter period, and these cases are some times likely to take a more serious turn with the three major problems arising:

1/Serious pulmonary infection

2/Respiratory failure

3/Heart failure and very severe asthenia

I have been able to solve these problems thanks to this new method of acupuncture and thus rapidly heal many types of flu, including some very serious cases.

This method, which is new but at the same time quite ancient shall be presented in detail to you, as well as to our fellow practitioners as we hope to contribute to their training in our HAI THUONG School of Oriental Medicine, a branch of the European Institute for Applied Buddhism.

A beautiful lotus flower to all of you, new and experienced acupuncturists alike.

Yours faithfully,

DO Trong Le .