Yin and Yang Transformation Therapy in Cancer Patients

by Trong Le Do, Hélène Momer, Marie Françoise Belin, Françoise Argoul


In conventional Western medicine, cancer is depicted from a somatic point of view, as a clone of cells which has proliferated at the expense of its environment and has outgrown the body control mechanisms. These cells are considered as abnormal, hostile to the body. When such cell proliferation is discovered in a patient, the occidental medicine, in this state of emergency, proposes a palliative treatment consisting of annihilating the abnormal cancer cells by chemotherapy or immunotherapy. In Asian medicines, the treatment of cancer is performed in a healing optic consisting of restoring, in priority, an adequate internal terrain in the sick organ. In fact, the visible cancer manifestations (the symptoms) are only a fraction of a global syndrome of a major deleterious alteration of Yin/Yang imbalance. To understand cancer processes in a global way, it is necessary to reach the root of the disorders by deciphering the impairments of Yin/Yang imbalance.

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